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Friday, August 26, 2016

Now enrolling in fall classes!

We are now enrolling in our fall Classes! For those who are just starting out or stuck on an unfinished project, Open Sew is for you. Your teacher will guide you as you finish that unfinished or will help you get started on the project you have in mind.

For those who are collecting the fun Row by Row patterns there will be a group that meets and works specifically on that.

Class Schedule
Thursday of
each month
from 7-8 pm &
Saturday of
each Month from
10-11 am
Block of the Month 
$40.00 plus

Tara Learned
First and Third 
Fridays Each 

From 6-8 pm 

Sept 2 & 16 
Oct 7 & 21 
Nov 4 & 18 
Dec 2 & 16 
OPEN SEW - Bring in any project and we will help you with what you need help with in advance of the class.   
Class size is limited.

Sign up for one class or as many as you want or need!!  Bring your friends so you can sit and sew together. 
$10.00 Per Class 

2nd Friday and 
4th Saturday 
Each Month 

Sept 9 & 24 
Oct 14 & 29 
Nov 11 & 26 
Dec 9 
(no class Dec 24) 

Row by Row - Have you been collecting those wonderful rows? 
 Would you like to make them into something more than just little packets of paper and fabric?  Join us once or
 twice each month and we’ll work on them together. 
 Bring a “row” and your sewing machine and enjoy a
couple of hours of sewing fun. 

Space is limited so make sure to sign up in advance to save your 
$10.00 Per 

Lori Seidel 
Sept 1 & 15th 

6-8 on the 1st  

6-9 on the 15th 
Cuddle Strip Quilt: This class is designed to share 
Tips, tricks and techniques in order to best use and 
work with cuddle fabric. 
This class will give you time to learn technique as well 
as work on your quilt. We teach you the quilt as you go method which saves you time and money by killing two birds with one stone: 
you assemble your quilt and quilt it all at once which 
means that 
once you bind your quilt, it is entirely finished and ready to be loved! No need to pay for quilting. 

$25.00 plus 

Tara Learned  
Sept 10 
 From 1-4 pm 

Perfect Points:   
Herringbone quilt, chevron quilts, stars, offset squares, and so much more. Learn how to get those perfect 
points on half square triangles (HST) for the endless
possibility of things you can make with them.  You will
 be a pro by the end of class and have the confidence
 to know you will get perfect points every time. You 
will learn a few different ways of how to make HST and see multiple ways on how to put them together in class. You will make enough in class to have a table topper
 sized quilt to go home with. Want to put in a little extr
 time after? You can make a quilt any size you want.   
$15.00 plus 

Tara Learned  supplies 
Sept 22, 29 and 
Oct 6 

From 6:30-8:30 
Beginning Quilting: the goal of this class is to teach
 you exactly how to piece and sew a quilt. Taught by Tara Learned, this is truly a beginning quilt class where you will learn the importance of accurate cutting using a rotary cutter, scant 1/4" seams,
 matching corners, trimming blocks, among other tips that will ensure your next project will be an enjoyable experience with professional results! 
$30.00 plus 

Tara Learned 
Oct 8 
1-3 pm 
Bindings Made Easy:  Overcome your fear of bindings and learn how to finish your quilts beautifully. 
$10.00 plus 
$5.00 kit fee 


Oct 27 

From 6-9 pm 

Perfect Points:   
Herringbone quilt, chevron quilts, stars, offset squares, and so much more. Learn how to get those perfect 
points on half square triangles (HST) for the endless 
possibility of things you can make with them.  You will be a pro by the end of class and
 have the confidence to know you will get perfect points every time. You will learn a few different ways of how to make HST and see multiple ways on how to put them
 together in class. You will make enough in class to 
have a table topper sized quilt to go home with. Want to put in a little extra time after? You can make 
a quilt any sized you want.   
$15.00 plus 

Tara Learned 
Nov 3 & 17 

6-8 on the 3rd 

6-9 on the 17th 
Cuddle Strip Quilt: This class is designed to share tip, tricks and techniques in order to best use and work 
with cuddle fabric. 
This class will give you time to learn technique as well as work on your quilt. We teach you the quilt as you go
method which saves you time and money by killing two birds with one stone: 
you assemble your quilt and quilt it all at once which 
means that once you bind your quilt, it is entirely finished and ready to be 
loved! No need to pay for quilting. 

$25.00 plus 

Tara Learned  
Please note the following: 
Classes must be paid in full at the time of sign up.   Please come with all supplies and homework done by class time to ensure a great experience for all.  Please sign up for skill appropriate classes.   We reserve the right to cancel classes that do not have 3 or more students.  Classes that do not have enough students 2 days prior to class will be canceled and fees refunded.  Students must cancel their class 1 week prior to class to receive a full refund.   No children in classes other than beginning youth classes.   No cell phones in class please! 
We love to teach and hope to provide a creative, fun environment – with your help.  

Friday, July 22, 2016

New This Week!

Maywood, Welcome Home

Andover, An American in Paris
Quilting Treasures, Secret Lives of Pets

Troy, Glamping
Andover, Hungry Caterpillar

Henry Glass, The Count
Henry Glass, Frightful and delightful
Moda, Have a Spooky and Delightful Halloween

Funky Friends Factory
Fifi Fox
Lloyd Llama & Alice Alpaca
Reggio Reindeer

Elizabeth Hartman
Fancy Fox
Allie Owl
Fancy forest

Bunny Hill Designs
Spooky Halloween

Friday, June 24, 2016

The Fabric Center is participating in the Row by Row Experience! During your summer travels, visit the to see where the participating shops are and visit and collect license plates, patterns, and see all the fantastic shops that have chosen to participate.

Our plate:

Our row: 

This is such a fun shop hop, it is international, if you are going over the pond or to Canada, look up the shoppes participating also. 

We also carry the pins and charms if you are collectors. For those who do collect license plates we also have super cute patterns for "Braggin' Posts".  Next week we will have an example of a few of those in the store.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

New Class Schedule Now Available

Second Thursday of each month
from 7-8 pm & Second Saturday of each Month from 10-11 am

Block of the Month

Join Tara and learn new blocks, and techniques in this class.  This is more of an intermediate class.  For beginning classes take the beginning quilting class first.  This will be a fun, beautiful quilt.  Come see it in our classroom. Choose your own fabric, traditional or modern, or just playful. We do offer a 10% discount for class purchases on the day of the class.
$40.00 plus supplies

Tara Learned
1st & 3rd Tuesday each month from 6-8 pm
Beginning Adult Sewing: Have you always wanted to learn how to sew but didn't know where to start? Start here! Sign up for Beginning Adult Sewing and learn how to sew starting from the basic foundations that result in successful projects as you grow your knowledge and skills.

$10.00/month plus supplies

Teacher: Kristine McDonald
1st & 3rd Tuesday each month from 4-5:30 pm

Beginning Youth Sewing: Is your child showing a desire or interest to learn to sew? Get her or him signed up for Kristine’s Youth Sewing Class! Kristine is a fabulous teacher with a love of spreading the art of sewing to anyone with the desire to learn. She will teach your child about the sewing machine itself, the importance of sewing a straight line, and other beginning skills. The class is designed to make students feel successful and build confidence each week by completing fun projects easily repeated and fun to give as gifts.
$15.00/month plus supplies

Teacher: Kristine McDonald
2nd Friday each month
From 6-8 pm
OPEN SEW - Bring in any project and we will help you with it.  We have 4 machines available to reserve.  Please sign up and let us know what you need help with in advance of the class.   Class size is limited so sign up ahead to keep your spot.  

Teacher: Kristine McDonald
Thursday Evenings
Feb 4th & 18th

6-8 on the 4th

6-9 on the 18th

Cuddle Strip Quilt: This class is designed to share tips, tricks and techniques in order to best use and work with cuddle fabric. This class will give you time to learn technique as well as work on your quilt. We teach you the quilt as you go method which saves you time and money by killing two birds with one stone: you assemble your quilt and quilt it all at once which means that once you bind your quilt, it is entirely finished and ready to be loved! No need to pay for quilting.


$25.00 plus supplies
Tara Learned
Feb 25
6-8 pm
Bindings Made Easy:  Overcome your fear of bindings and learn how to finish your quilts beautifully
$10.00 plus $5.00 kit fee

Tara Learned
Thursday Evenings
Mar 17, 24, & 31

From 6-8 pm
Beginning Quilting: the goal of this class is to teach you exactly how to piece and sew a quilt. Taught by Tara Learned, this is truly a beginning quilt class where you will learn the importance of accurate cutting using a rotary cutter, scant 1/4" seams, matching corners, trimming blocks, among other tips that will ensure your next project will be an enjoyable experience with professional results!
$30.00 plus supplies
Tara Learned

April 21st & 28

From 6-8 pm
Twister Table Topper
Have you purchased the cut twister ruler, but not used it? This is a good time to pull it out and learn how. 

$20.00/class plus supplies

Teacher: Tara Learned
May 5th & 19th

From 6-8 pm
T-Shirt Quilt
For your graduate, husband (with too many T’s), or athlete here is a great way to use those t-shirts and create a great memory quilt. Come learn with Tara how to do this fun quilt.

$20.00/plus supplies

Teacher: Tara Learned

This just in!

Moda Ever After

Moda Lil' Red

Moda Sweetness

Moda Strawberry Fields Revisited

Thursday, December 24, 2015

2016 Block of the Month!

We are so excited to announce 2016 Block of the Month. Tara Learned has put a lot of time and talent into designing these fun blocks. The class will be taught by Tara and will be offered at two time slots, Thursday night or Saturday.  It is a once a month class where you come and Tara will present the block, give you the pattern and give you instruction. 
The class is only $40.00 for the year, you can come register any time, you can even register on the telephone. 

We are starting our annual Customer Appreciation Sale starting December 26th going through January 16th!
All Flannel 25% off
All Cuddle 25% off
Ready made products 25% off
Flat fold cuddle $7.50 yd
Flat fold flannel $2.99 yd
Everything else is 30% off!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Shop Hop

Shop Hop is going on now!  This is only until Saturday close (8:00 p.m.).  Pretty much everything is 10% off.  The cotton prints are 20-30% off only until Saturday close.  Don't miss our fun Day at the Fair, pop a balloon, get a free pattern, and more. We look forward to seeing you in the store.