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Friday, September 26, 2014

Funny Quilting and Fabric Buying Acronyms

We recently had a student in one of our classes share with us a list of quilting and fabric-buying acronyms that we loved. We want to share them with you too; enjoy!

Do you have a funny sewing or quilting story/joke/etc and would like to share it? Contact us:

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Quilting Show and Tell - Deb's "Juicy" Quilt

You know we love show and tell! Whether it's a customer bringing in a completed project or an employee, we love seeing the finished quilts and projects that were created with the creativity and products that leave our store.

This week, we had our employee Deb sharing with us her "Juicy" Quilt. The pattern is actually called "Stripe It Rich" and was designed by Victoria Findlay Wolf and featured in the June 2013 American Patchwork and Quilting magazine. 

However, Deb was compelled to call it "Juicy" because of it's citrus-y and mouthwatering colors.

If you look closely, the "blooming" petals of the dresden plate are created using chevron fabric!

Nobody could come to a consensus of which dresden plate block we loved the most!  

What's also amazing about this quilt is that Deb quilted it herself on her home machine -- her tips: 
  • mark out your pattern with a water erasable pen first (when working on a home machine, you do not have as large an area to foresee where you need your quilting pattern to go)
  • use Machingers (special gloves especially for quilting with little pads on your fingers -- to better grip the fabric and guide it where you want it to go).
Her quilting detail is exquisite, with different styles to fill in each space of the quilt with flair.

Deb can't wait for spring to come so she can hang her new quilt and brighten up her home! Thank you Deb for sharing your show and tell with us! 

If you have a project that you'd like to share, send your entry to We'd love to hear from you and see plenty of pictures of your projects! 

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September Block of the Month Photo Recap

We are starting to come into home plate with our Block of the Month quilting class. We had a recent share on our Facebook page by Karen Mason of her Block of the Month Quilt:

Thank you so much Karen for sharing with us, we hope you've enjoyed the class!

Here is your monthly photo recap to help you with your blocks before next month's meeting.

As always, if these pictures don't answer all your questions, you are welcome to call your teacher, Sandra, for additional help.

See you next month!