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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Fall Lines

Hello quilters and crafters! We have just finished up Labor Day weekend and that means the long days of summer are quickly coming to an end. We've had new Halloween and fall lines in since July, but we didn't want to rain on anyone's parade by showcasing them too early. Now that the days are shortening, it seems perfect timing to highlight our fall lines and get you in the mood for the bewitching season.

Moda's The Boo Crew:

Henry Glass & Co.'s Legend of Webb Hill:

Henry Glass & Co.'s Jeepers Creepers:

We have many, many more miscellaneous Halloween and fall fabrics, especially a beautiful assortment of fall fabrics with gold metallic accents. 

Come in and grab what you need for your next spooky project before the pickings become slim. Now is the time to get the projects done and displayed so you have plenty of time to think of and complete Christmas presents (yes, that's even further away, but you certainly don't want to keep that to the last minute!) 

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