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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Pre-pleated Satin Trim Flower Tutorial

We have a new tutorial for you today. We recently got a new item into our store; about a month and a half ago Lisa discovered this fun pre-pleated satin trim and it has been flying off our shelves. We have placed two orders of it already and are awaiting shipment. At first we were making blankets using it to trim the edges, but we started thinking about what else we could use this cute trim for...

We had a small piece left over which I started playing with and that is how I came up with making a flower out of it! Here is what you'll need:

-- Scrap piece of pre-pleated satin trim (my piece was 3/4 of a yard and it ended up making a flower 4" in diameter. Gauge accordingly to what you would like your finished flower to measure).

-- Decorative button or gem

-- Scrap piece of fabric (I used a scrap piece of canvas to give the flower some stability)

-- Fray Check (you can also use a lighter)

--Unique Stitch, fabric glue or hot glue

-- Scissors

*Make sure and read through all instructions before beginning your flower. 

To begin, take your scrap backing fabric and lay down facing up. Take one end of your trim and seal the raw edge either with the Fray check or using a lighter by quickly passing the raw end through the flame. Using fabric glue, Unique Stitch or a hot glue gun, start leaving a bead of glue along the bottom seam. If using hot glue, be careful not to burn yourself; allow the glue to cool down a bit before handling the trim. 

Starting from the edge start to adhere the trim to your backing fabric, guiding the trim in a circular shape. 

Continue to apply a bead of glue and gluing your trim down in a circle around the outside perimeter of your scrap fabric. Once you come back to where you started, gradually move the trim inward, overlapping with the outside loop slightly. Press firmly until the glue has taken hold. 

Continue in such fashion, going around the entire scrap fabric.

As you start to get to the center, measure off how much more trim you will need before placing your glue to the back. Cut off any excess trim and seal the new raw edge in the same fashion as before. Here you can see the edge of the trim in slightly wet from the fray check. 

Apply glue to the last portion of the trim and press it in the middle firmly until the glue has taken hold or is dry.

Add a dollop of glue to the back of your decorative button or gem and adhere it to the center of your flower. 

If you started with a square piece of scrap fabric, trim off the corners and any other excess fabric around the outside line of glue. At this point you can attach a broach pin or alligator clip to the back of your flower if you intend on using it as a pin or as a hair clip. 

Attach where you desire and be prepared for all the compliments you'll receive!  

*This tutorial is for personal use only and is not to be used for sale or profit. © Copyright of Fabric Center 2014

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