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Friday, May 9, 2014

Block of the Month May recap

Hello Block of the Month-ers! Here is your monthly photo recap to help keep you on track with your blocks!

We also want you to be informed that we have updated our Block of the Month class guidelines to help answer questions and keep class going smoothly for the rest of the year.

  • Sign up fee: $20. This pays for your pattern and instruction.
  • If you cannot attend your scheduled class, you may come to the other class on occasion. If you need to switch your class day permanently please let Sandra know.
  • You must be present at one of the classes with your completed block from last month to receive your next pattern. Otherwise you must pay $3 for your next pattern.
  • You may have someone come in your place to show your completed block. They must attend the whole class and they cannot be a class member. If this continues to be abused it will go away.
  • You are responsible for your own fabrics.
  • Each person who comes on time will receive a ticket to enter into the drawing.
  • Each show and tell will receive a ticket for the drawing.
  • A Fabric Center newsletter will be given at each class with research on a quilting topic. You must come to class to receive the newsletter.
  • You may not pick up class information from another student.
  • Sandra has put a lot of effort into this class and gives a lot of direction in class. You must be present to take full advantage of this.
If this doesn't answer your question regarding class, don't hesitate to ask Sandra, your teacher, or Peggy, classes coordinator. For Peggy, give the store a call at (801) 561-8726. 

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