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Friday, April 18, 2014

Tutorial: Fabric and Tulle Carrot Goodie Bags for Easter

Easter is this weekend and if you are still looking for a cute way to gift some treats, we have an adorable carrot goodie bag tutorial designed by Peggy using fabric and tulle! You will need to click here to print out the instructions and the pattern.  Once you've printed out the instructions and pattern, cut out the triangle piece and lay it on the fold of an 8 1/2" x 11" piece of paper. Trace and cut out (without cutting the fold side); this will become your template.

Layout your template on orange fabric and cut out. Use scraps to get a bunch of different printed carrots, or you can get 6-7 carrots out of a 1/3 yard. Alternate your top and bottoms when laying out and cutting from your fabric to maximize your fabric use (refer to first illustration on printed instructions page).
In this picture, the carrot has been folded on the left and sewn on the right. You can see the serger seams on the right at the bottom of the carrot. A serger may be used instead of a sewing machine for this step. 
Once your pieces are cut out, fold them in half right sides together and sew along the straight seam 1/4". Pink the top edge of the carrot. Cut out a 3" x 11 1/2" piece of green tulle or netting and place on the wrong side of the carrot 3/4" down from the top. Attach with a zig zag stitch in green thread about 1/2" from the carrot edge. Zig zag stitch should be wide enough to thread ribbon through. Sew over the top of the beginning zig zag about 4-5 stitches (these steps are all visible in the picture below). 

Can see the top of the carrot has been pinked and the tulle overlaps the top of the carrot about 3/4". The zig zag stitch is about 1/2" down from the top and has been overlapped about 8 stitches just to the left of the side seam.

Turn your carrots rights sides out and, using a needle, thread 1/8" or 1/4" green satin ribbon through the zig zag stitching. Overlap at the beginning about 4 or 5 stitches to make it strong. Stuff carrots with little treats like jelly beans and chocolate and pull on ribbon to cinch the top together. Tie a lovely little bow and you have a delicious carrot to give to your little bunny this Easter! 

Peggy had a great idea to also decorate with them by using a bunny basket. You can also stuff them with poly fill and use them as decorations around the house, but personally I think they are best stuffed with chocolate eggs! 

We hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend and we'll see you in store soon! 

*This tutorial and pattern Copyright by Fabric Center 2014. Pattern and tutorial is intended for personal use, not to be made for sale or profit.* 

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