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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Janet's Plastic Bag Holder Tutorial

We love our Janet for all her energy and sewing creativity. She was happy to share her tutorial for making a hanging baggie for keeping and recycling plastic bags. You will need:

19" x 19" square for the main body
1/2" elastic -- (10") for bottom
                      (12") for top
1/2" wide ribbon -- 9" (or sew your own skinny fabric strap)

Plastic Bag Holder and tutorial Copyright 2013 Janet Howard
Bag pictured here is a fancy version that builds from the simple version. Scroll down for Fancy version instructions.

Place hanging strap (or ribbon folded into a loop) 2" from the top and angle upward so it will hang right. Be sure to have the strap inside when you sew. Fold 19" square, right sides together, and sew side seam with 1/2" wide seam. 

Form a 3/4" casing on top and bottom with a small opening in both. Thread elastic through opening, seam ends of elastic together and close the small openings. Viola! You are done. 

To make the fancier version, you will need:

16" x 19" rectangle for main body
4" x 19" rectangle for bottom section
3 1/2" x 30" rectangle for a ruffle
1/2" elastic -- (10") for bottom
                      (12") for top
1/2" wide ribbon -- 9" (or make your own skinny fabric strap)

Make your ruffle first by hemming the short ends. Fold in half matching long sides, gather to match to match the bottom of the 16" x 19" rectangle and pin. 

Place bottom 4" x 19" section on top of ruffle and main body, right side down, and stitch through all layers with a 1/2" wide seam. Continue in the same manner as the regular bag: fold the whole piece (which now contains the main body on top, the ruffle, then the bottom piece) lengthwise right sides together and sew with a 1/2" wide seam. Make a 3/4" casing on top and bottom, leaving an opening. Thread elastic through casings, seam ends of elastic and close openings. 

There you have it, make one for every season to hang in the kitchen or make them to give as gifts this holiday season! 

*All Fabric Center tutorials and patterns are for personal use only and may not be made to sell! 

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