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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

We're Having a Pinterest Party!

Shop Hop has officially begun this morning, did you guess our celebration theme? We are having a Pinterest Party at Fabric Center from now until this Saturday! Come help us celebrate our favorite social media app be getting inspired by projects, patterns, quilts and lots of fabric. We will be featuring projects created by our talented employees with free tutorials and projects available in store as well as here on the blog. We are also really excited about our quilt designed and created by our beloved Peggy McDonald. Do you recognize what it looks like?

Quilt Copyright 2013 Peggy McDonald
Yes, it's a giant Pinterest profile complete with individual boards! What is so fun about this quilt is each employee created each of the 12 individual blocks with a theme they love. Not only is this quilt cute and colorful, but is incredibly heartfelt and special to the entire staff of Fabric Center.

By Lara Phillips

By Peggy McDonald

By Tammy Nelson

By Cheryl Edmunds
By Katie Sanchez

By Marilyn Clark

By Maquel Querry

By Janet Howard

By Karen Wooten

By Debby Libby

By Orva Nelson

By Deb Graber

The pattern is available for free in store during Shop Hop. Make sure when you create your own Pinterest Quilt that you choose 12 themes you love, use creativity and imagination to make each block unique: play around with embroidery, cross stitch, 3D quilting, crafting, and printing on fabric. Yes, you can print on fabric! Tips and tricks for printing on fabric are included in the pattern in order to get your board title pieces. 

Make sure to check back with us these next few days as we will be sharing tutorials on our Pinterest Projects featured in store created by our wonderful employees! 

For more information about the Beehive Shop Hop, to print off a map and to see which other stores are participating, follow the link to the Shop Hop's website and blog. Don't forget, at each store you will receive a free 12" block and quilt pattern, play games as well as the opportunity to enter a drawing to win prizes. Each participating store will have their own specials and sales being offered. We will be continuing our Anniversary Sale during Shop Hop with everything in the store on sale or discounted. We look forward to seeing you this weekend! 

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