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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Maquel's Chenille Baby Blanket

Maquel did such an amazing job on this chenille baby blanket and chose such cute fabrics and colors that we had to share it with you!

What you'll need:

5 pieces of flannel -- 36" x 36"
4 1/2" yards of ric rac 
1/3 yard flannel for binding


Layer the 5 layers with the main fabric face down and four face up. Mark the top piece with a line from corner to corner and mark the rest of the blanket top with with lines 1/4" to 1/2" apart. OR you may use  guide to sew in the rest of the lines if you would rather not mark all the lines.

Make sure to pin all the layers very well; the layers should not twist or move as you sew (505 temporary spray adhesive between the layers works well and this particular brand does not clog or gum up your machine. We carry 505 in store).  Sew all the lines through all layers. After they are all sewn, cut between the lines to create the chenille look. Be extremely careful not to cut through all layers!! You only want to cut the top three layers leaving the bottom and second to bottom layers intact. 

Olfa makes a special rotary cutter designed specifically for chenille blanket. There is a tray underneath the blade. Putting the tray underneath the 3rd and 4th layers will help you cut just the top 3 layers while also protecting the bottom two from being cut. Not only does it save time but also your scissors and your hands. We carry this special cutter in store. 

Now square your quilt and sew ric rac around the edges of the blanket, centering the middle of the ric rac directly over the seam allowance. This creates the effect of scallops as the binding will cover the other half of the ric rac, only exposing one half of it. Bind the quilt as usual and you are finished! 

*All Fabric Center tutorials and patterns are for personal use only and are not to be made to sell!

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